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We love our gender nonconforming playgroup and it’s so important that C. be able to play with other boys who like to do nails and put on fashion shows. I’ve managed to connect a few and that has felt awesome. I’m often contacted by adults raising a gender creative child who are looking for other gender creative families to playdate with.I’m sad when I think about gender creative kids who have never met or played with another gender creative kid. And, parents and siblings benefit from our playgroup too. How do I manage something that could take on a life of its own? It’s a win-win dressed in pink and dipped in rhinestones. You’re missing important posts like this and thoughts from C. Sometimes my calls are answered by families close to the original family. Do you know of anybody already providing this service who I can point interested parties to? In the past, when a family has contacted me asking if I know of anybody in their area to meet up with, I put a call out on my blog and social media. I get permission from both families to share their email address and first name and, then, I make a e-introduction and tell them to have fun, respect each other’s anonymity and let me know how things go.

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