Windows dns not updating from dhcp

01-Jan-2019 02:22

Hello everyone, I have a strange problem and I can't seem to see anything that could cause it.We have a network with a segment for client machines that uses a couple of Windows 2008 R2 servers for DNS and DHCP (all AD-integrated).Clients are mostly Windows 7 machines with a few XP and Vista.The DHCP server is setup to always update both A and PTR record.

windows dns not updating from dhcp-18

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Sometimes there will be different permissions on the A records than on the PTR records.It does look like teh forward zone and the reverse one have different permissions but I'm not sure how significant it is.Is there any documentation about what these zone ACLs should looks like ?The main differences I could see are that many exchange-related groups where explicitly included in the forward zone and not in the reverse but most of these entries are actually empty ACLs (the group is just listed but not given any visible allow or deny permission).