Who is emily blunt dating now

13-Jan-2019 08:26

If you've ever wondered what your favorite superstar couples talk about all day, rest assured they do more than just sit around and bask in each other's awesomeness.

In a recent interview, John Krasinski revealed that, in fact, the key to his and Emily Blunt's successful marriage is avoiding talking about their celebrity status as much as possible.

The cover with Amy Adams, Jessica Biel and a couple of other people—'young up-and-coming hot Hollywood' or whatever—and that issue was in my living room when we first started dating," Krasinski recently told .

"I was definitely aware of [her fame], probably in a way that could have been extremely unhealthy if it wasn't for how insanely down-to-earth she was.

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I respect her and her choices and her class and her taste.That sounds like heady actor babble, but it's true," he said.John Krasinski and Emily Blunt are one of the sweetest couples in Hollywood.The two started dating in 2008, tied the knot in 2010, welcomed their first child, daughter Hazel, in 2014, and second daughter Violet in July 2016.