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do unto his Jack Bauer character what they've done to so many others: kill him off, brutally, but with few tears. "I love what I do." But he's thirty-nine years old, a little pent-up and a lot tired.

All he's had for the past five years, ten months out of each year, are endless fourteen-hour days of working on the show, gun in hand, eyes squinted, voice on ultra-incredibly intense, saving the world with methods that might not be right but are never wrong.

He has no girlfriend in his life, no affection or release of that sort. And then, as a consequence, he occasionally falls into the scotch bottle and ends up making a messy spectacle of himself."There's a point that I get to where I just go, ' Fuck it,"' he says one day in Los Angeles, where he lives in the somewhat seedy Silver Lake district, in the vast, open expanse of a former iron foundry.

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His father is "different." The other parents stare.Kiefer likes how they stare and by his mid-twenties he will dress similarly, drawing similar stares, albeit from within a 1970 beater Porsche 911, not a Ferrari.After six months, his mother returns and eventually takes him back to Canada.Over the next ten years he attends seven different schools, learning to make friends by making the other kids laugh.

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He's insecure, nervous, a compensating cutup but not a great student.

In his fifteenth year, he drops out of school, determined to be an actor, despite the usual parental misgivings.

What Casanova star Donald Sutherland lacks in matinee idol looks he has more than made up for with magnetism. The tall, lean thespian has built up an unforgettable repertoire of scene-stealing roles opposite some of the silver screen's most famous beauties. His sizzling chemistry with then-girlfriend Jane in Klute and.… continue reading »

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