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Credits : Google search music : Not for Nothing -Sxy- [No Copyright Music] https:// The delivery of targeted temperature management (TTM) is recommended for cardiac arrest patients with specific initial rhythms after the return of spontaneous circulation.

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Fifty-two nurses were recruited; all completed baseline and immediate post-intervention testing, while 48/52 (92.3%) completed follow-up evaluation at 6 weeks.The knowledge test scores did not differ between the groups immediately after the training (beta = 3.80, SE = 3.47, p = .27), but there was a strong trend 6 weeks after training, with higher scores in the simulation group (beta = 7.93, SE = 3.88, p = .04).In the simulation group, skills were significantly better immediately after the training, however, there was no significant difference between the groups 6 weeks later.No difference in confidence was found between the groups at either post-test point.

Training satisfaction was significantly higher in the simulation group at both post-testing points.Nurses trained with high-fidelity simulation may benefit from such training by maintaining their TTM knowledge longer.Frequent “booster” sessions may help to maintain their competency in the use of cooling equipment.Further research should focus on the assessment of the effect of different TTM education interventions on the transfer of the knowledge/skills to bedside and subsequent patient outcomes.