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Every Year Every year that I'm with you Has been better than before; It's hard for me to even think How I could love you more.

Every year you've graced my life Has been full of happiness; I love your caring face, your voice, Your tender, sweet caress.

Every year when this day comes, I'm filled with love and pleasure; Happy Anniversary, Love, My joy, my delight, my treasure.

More Time, More Love Our (number of years) anniversary, Love, Brings feelings of delight, Thoughts of pleasure that you give me Every day and every night.

I’m grateful for each day and hour; I thank the Lord above For giving me the precious gift: Of your deep, enduring love.

As our lives go on and on, One thing is always true: To the very end, I’ll always wish For more time, more love with you.

This page of anniversary love poems for greeting cards, and The main page of general purpose Anniversary Poems and50th Anniversary Poems for those golden wedding anniversaries.

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Each anniversary finds us happier; You are my light--my moon, my star, my sun. I prize our anniversaries because Each year I fall in love again with you.You show me what real love is all about, You fill my life with pleasure, joy and fun. You can customize our anniversary love poems to your personal taste.In the following anniversary love message, if you don’t want to mention "tears," substitute another word, like "fun," for example.If you don't want to use "ecstasy," you might use "security" or "serenity." Customize it to make this anniversary poem your own!

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Deeply, Madly Our wedding anniversary brings to mind The happiness and joy you’ve brought to me, Sweet memories--the laughter and the tears, Devoted love you give abundantly.

The place I want to be is close to you; There’s ecstasy and peace in your embrace. Our marriage is the best thing in my life; I love you deeply, madly, and I always will.

I met you on the first day of school So when I saw you I said yeah you were cool Couple weeks later I started liking you I. I Write For Hunger. I write to tell my life. I write to express to let out the feelings others may want to hide. I write because my heart tells. I'm in Love with a Man. poems go here And how can I not love him.… continue reading »

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The Good-Morrow" is a poem by John Donne, published in his 1633 collection Songs and Sonnets. Written while Donne was a student at Lincoln's Inn, the poem is one of his earliest works and is thematically considered to be the "first" work in Songs and Sonnets. Although referred to as a sonnet, the work does not follow.… continue reading »

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Robert Browning – 12 December 1889 was an English poet and playwright whose mastery of the dramatic monologue made him one of the foremost Victorian poets. His poems are known for their irony, characterization, dark humour, social commentary, historical settings, and challenging vocabulary and.… continue reading »

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Our Huge List of Romantic and Cute Captions for Couples on Instagram. General Romantic Quotes. “Nobody has ever measured, even poets, how much a heart can hold.” -Zelda Fitzgerald. “There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness.” -Friedrich Nietzsche. “Love is the joy of.… continue reading »

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Feb 14, 2018. Valentine's Day poems for him and her - Top 10 romantic wishes and messages to write in your loved one's card. To help you express your feelings for your partner without sounding silly or trite, the Mirror has put together the best Valentine's Day wishes from writers who excel. Valentine's Day date ideas.… continue reading »

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