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Our two-tone tester’s perfect proportions, sleek striations and over-sized alphanumerics say Bond, James Bond, in a way that even the Walther PPK can’t match. The righteous Ruger also lines up with the axis of your arm with unconscious ease; assuring proper positioning for another oft-neglected firearm fundamental.

In fact, the rugged yet suave Ruger shares many of the Bond gun’s best bits. If you rest your trigger finger as high up on the barrel as poss, the Ruger’s ridge (between the frame and the slide) is home sweet home.

It fires the most popular cartridge of its day (9mm), the thin frame and diminutive dimensions conceal easily and the gun oozes elegance. If it had any more sex appeal I’d have to buy a separate gun safe to keep the Austrians at bay. If you prefer a curved back strap, simply remove, reverse and reattach the SR9c’s previously straight backstrap.

The web of your gun hand sits perfectly under the SR9c’s slide, eliminating the need to “choke up” on the love handle.

The only ergonomic issue: the SR9c’s drum-tight slide and short height (4.51″ all in) makes racking the slide a decidedly dicey proposition.

Using the hand-over-slide combat method, there’s no way you can avoid running your hand across the slide stop and safety.

Combine a really firm grip and less than ideal positioning and this bitch bites.

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The longer mag instantly transforms the SR9c from a compact to a full-sized gun. OK, so, the Ruger’s frame-mounted safety switch is completely inappropriate for a defensive handgun. Because the safety switch is so small, chances are you’ll leave it off at the range and, perhaps, switch it on when you carry. If you don’t practice with the safety at the range, you might go to shoot the Ruger in an emergency, forget about the safety and . ) in deference to their many wonderful maybe even singular attributes, ignoring the Chicklet from hell to enjoy one of the finest compact guns made is a no-brainer. A Glock gets along just fine with just a trigger safety (a feature also found on the Ruger). Let’s chalk it up to the fact that the Ruger is manufactured in the Land of Litigants and the Home of the Ambulance Chasers, and let Glock retain its claim on cold, clinical perfection.

It’s easy enough to disengage the ambidextrous safety with the thumb of your gun hand before punching paper down at the range. Unless you’ve got the kind of brain that obsesses about such things. For most people, the Ruger is close enough for rock and roll. SPECIFICATIONS Caliber: 9mm Luger Grip Frame: Black, High Performance, Glass-Filled Nylon Length: 6.85″ Height: 4.61″ Width: 1.27″ Weight: 23.40 oz.

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