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21-Nov-2018 03:23

A place where you can find celebs naked, baring it all, in fact, some of the celebs have sexually explicit, even hardcore pictures up online that need to be shared with you. Shivamogga, Dec 20: The marriage between Anusha Hegde, daughter of a well-known music teacher from the city, and Javed Khan from Mysuru, appeared sometime back to be headed for the rocks.The girl's father has been claiming this marriage to be a part of Love Jihad.

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She says now that she became a Muslim on her own accord. I chased him and pestered him to marry me after threatening to commit suicide. It has transpired that Javed had married twice in the past.His first wife has a daughter and second wife has a son.Anusha says that the child of his second wife is being looked after by her.In the meantime, the first wife, who has charged various things against Javed, says that like her, Anusha too is under house arrest and that she too will be driven away from home in a few days.