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To become the leader in the Forging Industry through integration and diversification.

To supply a quality product/service to the industry that can comply to customer requirements, competitively price, delivered on time and profitable, thus enabling growth within the industry and the company.

Frankwen Forge Overview Situated in Benoni, Frankwen Forge has a unique diversified manufacturing facility that offers the customer forgings (in plain carbon, aluminium, copper, low to medium alloys, , austenitic, martensitic or duplex), stainless steel, round bar, heat treatment (stress relieving, normalising, annealing and through hardening by means of oil and water quenching and salt bath hardening), machining and non-destructive testing to conform to our clients most stringent needs, requirements and specifications.

Frankwen Forge maintains pace with the latest testing methods in the critical petrochemical and marine fields and prides itself in providing the customer with metallurgical and technical guidance as part of its customer service philosophy.

This service also entails the services of an independent SANAS Accredited Metallurgical Testing Laboratory (Franktech) which is on site.

Frankwen Forge has successfully maintained ISO 9001 certification from 2005, and is supported by sound business principles dating back 23 years plus.

In support of sustainability Frankwen Forge complies with all the required statutory and regulatory requirements of South Africa and maintains its BBEEE status.When it comes to sharing saucy pics on the internet, celebrities take the cup!You get some showing off their summer bodies, but that’s ok right? Minnie Dlamini almost broke the internet not so long ago with an image of her booobies and waist trainer, then about a week ago Khanyi Mbau showed off her more than summer ready body, now it looks like someone else might be stepping up to the challenge.This SABC timeline has been compiled by friends of the SABC.

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During the Codesa negotiations the ANC was all too aware of the enormous reach of the SABC and moved swiftly to take control.Initially it made all the right noises and committed itself to creating a new, neutral and objective public broadcaster which would finally cast of the shackles of its restrictive apartheid past.It quickly became clear however that the ANC’s unstated intention was to suborn the SABC by making it not the public broadcaster of integrity that we were promised in 1994 but a Stalinist instrument of control, a means of covering up party corruption through a policy of censorship by omission, a means of undermining opposition parties, silencing dissenting voices and a means of fighting internecine battles.The basis of this approach was openly articulated in the ANC’s stated objective of gaining controls of all in South African society and the means of achieving this was through cadre deployment – as the SABC boards in the Mbeki era and thereafter illustrate.