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30-Jan-2019 10:01

This years Easter Week is going to be exceptional time for dancing society.First Iberica Dance Sport Competition organized by ANa Da Events will be held on March 29th, 30th and 31st and April 1st in one the main tourist destinations in Catalonia – Cambrils (Tarragona).It is also quite near the Camp de Tarragona high-speed train station.Cambrils, which lies on the coast, is linked to the inland towns by rail and coach.The International Dance Organisations Ambassador for the Americas Bonnie Dyer, recently travelled to Mexico to promote IDO amongst teachers, coaches, choreographers and dance enthusiasts.

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It is conveniently close to two international airports: the Reus airport, which is just 12 km away, and the Barcelona airport, which lies 100 km to the north.

The preliminary round of the 2018 European Standard Formation is underway.

And 20 are currently doin the redance.9 formation teams have entered the 2018 European Standard Formation.

Right after its conclusion we will start our live webcast with the querterfinal of the 2018 Youth Latin, transmitting everything right to the end at UTC/GMT.

Eight formations are vying for one of the six berths in the final that will be danced later as part of the evening gala.With the next round of the European Youth Latin we will start the live webcast from the Ice Cube in Sochi.The first round of the 2018 European Youth Latin was danced first thing this morning.Today's Schedule It was a sight to behold when the closing act to yesterday's World Cup in Acrobatic Rock 'n' Roll brought a Cossack dancing group to the floor jointly with a crew of b-boys from Sochi, RUS.