Framework road change detection map updating relative dating radiometric absolute

01-Feb-2019 07:01

was selected for updating pre-existing landslide inventory maps based on the advanced interferometric processing technique (A-DIn SAR).

Db Cange Tracker object, which can track entities for the source Db Context object: The non generic Entries method returns the tracking information for all tracked entities. As fore mentioned in lazy load part, for a known entity, its tracking information can also be retrieved by calling Db Context. Db Entity Entry and Db Entity Entry The single product By Id entity from first LINQ to Entities query is tracked by Db Context.

Db Entity Entry object: can be implicitly converted to Db Entity Entry.

This time product By Id and product By Name are independent from each other. Entities from different Db Context objects belong to different units of work, and do not interfere each other: The association of entities is also tracked.

Remember Product’s foreign key Product Subcategory ID is nullable.

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The following example reads a subcategory and its products, then delete the association.As a result, each navigation property is cleared to empty collection or null.And essentially, each product’s Product Subcategory ID is changed to null, which is tracked: Db Context’s default behavior is to track all changes automatically. To disable tracking for specific entities read from repository, Entity Framework provides a As No Tracking extension method for IQueryable To change the data in the database, just create a Db Context object, change the data in its repositories, and call Db Context.Save Changes method to submit the tracked changes to the remote database as a unit of work.

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A Progressive Buffering Method for Road Map Update Using. presented a framework. change detection and updating.… continue reading »

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SpringerLink. Search. Home; Contact us;. 1988. A framework for temporal geographic. A framework for road change detection and map updating. In.… continue reading »

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