Firefox live bookmarks not updating

26-Jan-2019 07:05

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Before Firefox quantum, when pressing Ctrl D, the created bookmark was put in the bookmarks menu by default (unlike clicking the star bookmark button, which defaulted to unsorted bookmarks).After updating to quantum, the default location is "Other bookmarks" - the same as pressing the star button. This page content has been ripped out of my Firefox Customizations (Notes) page to make it smaller, and so that problems are basically on a different page than notes about extensions.Some problem solving material remains on the main page that provide solutions for problems that would not likely be viewed as problems but as alternatives such as how to make Ctrl U Open into Notepad, additional notes on blocking ads besides extensions.

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The good news is that I don't seem to have the extra Mozilla Firefox window without customizations opening along with the Firefox window when I open Firefox.

There is no excuse for being shut out from the internet when your favorite browser fails at a critical moment, you should always have a couple of other browsers installed and available to fall back on to check connectivity and to search for a resolution of problems.