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The lack of privacy isn't due to a hack or malware; rather, many people simply fail to change the default settings when installing Internet-connected cameras, whether they be for personal, corporate or municipal use.

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If you have that feeling that someone is watching you, take another look at webcam's privacy settings.

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Control4 announced our support of Nest’s Developer Program and API initiative at CEDIA Expo in September 2013 and we remain intent on releasing a driver to integrate the Nest Learning Thermostat with our home automation platform.

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With the Nest API now ready for production deployments, we plan to add Nest integration to an upcoming Control4 development, test, and release cycle of our automation platform.The next Control4 OS release, version 2.6, was already in an extensive External Beta, with hundreds of sites, well before the production release of the Nest APIs so our intent is to include our Nest integration-driver in a subsequent OS release to 2.6, along with other new functionality.During the upcoming development and testing cycle of the Nest integration, we want to ensure homeowner preferences, behaviors, comfort, and security across a whole automated system, including external sensors, security systems, window shades, access gates, and door locks to ensure that all work together according to the automation preferences desired by each homeowner. The issue, which talks about sex in the digital age, comes with a warning: "MATURE CONTENT, READER DISCRETION ADVISED" and a "NSFW" tag, a popular Internet acronym which means: "Not Safe For Work." Here it is: He predicts that naked pictures — the images on home-security cameras that get hacked and rebroadcast online, the pictures taken of you surreptitiously, the leaked pictures — will soon become ubiquitous, and it will no longer be weird and embarrassing to be someone whose sexts or naked pictures are online: Everything you feel, smell, and see is leaping onto the Internet, just as everything is becoming a camera. Perhaps your naked image is already on a neighbor’s Dropcam, which happened to see in your window as you walked past without any pants on.