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10-Oct-2018 00:12

Divorce has become an increasingly prevalent part of American society.Until the latter half of the twentieth century, divorce was considered scandalous and taboo, a dirty secret to be swept under the rug — or better yet, avoided at all costs.As the years passed, however, divorce gradually evolved into an almost casual fact of American life.

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However, some marriages require considerably more work than others — so what makes the difference?Personal chemistry plays a significant role, of course; but for better or worse, there more factors at play than the emotional bond between two individuals.It’s been scientifically proven by numerous studies that variables such as education, age, and income all have hard, quantifiable impacts on the overall durability of American marriages.Scientific studies may not be able to ascertain how the power of love plays into a marriage; but they certainly have drawn some concrete conclusions regarding the power of the dollar, among other factors. Brown is a professor of sociology and co-director of the National Center for Families and Marriage at Bowling Green State University, located in Ohio.