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@charset "UTF-8"; .hack-show-safari-bars__html, .hack-show-safari-bars__body .hack-show-safari-bars__body html /*!* Bootstrap v4.0.0 ( * Copyright 2011-2018 The Bootstrap Authors * Copyright 2011-2018 Twitter, Inc.Nuchal Translucency is a combined screening test, which involves an ultrasound scan and a blood test.This gives the most accurate result for assessing the risk of Down’s syndrome in a foetus during pregnancy.A Nuchal Translucency (NT) scan is a screening test that is carried out to assess whether a baby is likely to have Down’s syndrome or other chromosomal abnormalities.The NT scan cannot diagnose whether a baby has Down’s, it only estimates the risk.However, the scan can help a woman decide whether or not to have a diagnostic test.Nuchal Translucency is the collection of fluid under the skin at the back of the baby’s neck.

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Anyone can have a baby with Down’s syndrome; however the risk increases with age.

The chance of having a baby with the condition is 1 in 1500 for women 20 years of age, 1 in 900 for women 30 years old and 1 in 100 for women who are 40 years old. Six hundred babies with Down’s syndrome are born in the UK every year.