Adult chat for aussies

15-Feb-2019 02:57

Ex Pro snowboarder Mike Basich is living a life that most of us would consider to be heaven.

His tiny home is life goals for me and anyone else that is continually being crushed by the “rat race.” After pioneering early competitive riding and earning money and fame along the way, Mike found himself uninterested in capitalism and the status quo.

He sold his home, his car and everything he owned, and built himself a house on the top of…A slow moving avalanche, that more resembled frozen white lava, occurred on March 24, 2018 in Mount Elbrus, Russia.

In this social media age there is quite a bit of footage that has been described as the slowest avalanche in history or the fastest glacier in history.

Regardless you can appreciate its might and nothing would be stopping it’s path until it slowed of its own accord. Eyewitnesses have captured…Following on from the horrific footage from the Georgian Ski Resort of Gudauri this past week I was curious how many of these ski lift accidents had taken place since the introduction of skiing and (later on) snowboarding. There have been a LOT of horrific ski lift accidents over time, these things are bloody lethal.

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dating before 1960

I am a little dizzy and sadly no longer want to hit the slopes in my own country.I do most of my mountain time in Australia (due to location), although as of two weeks ago I can tick off four resorts in Japan, there is no compare, just INSANE!!For what Australia offers snow-wise…Red Gerard, current snowboarding IT BOY.Wins the Olympics, Jimmy Kimmel, bizarre hat manufacturer’s hearts, and the world with his epic GOLD medal win in Pyeong Chang.